AI Driven Content Automation
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You already know that high-quality, engaging content has the power to produce measurable results for your business and brand - and in today’s digitally-driven world, content is more critical than ever before.

It supports your search traffic and rankings, establishes brand integrity, boosts sales and conversions, and builds an authentic customer base to support your business long-term. Countless data sources have spoken, and the information is clear: you need relevant content if your business is going to succeed. But with its intense demands on your budget and time, content management can become a formidable hurdle in your journey to effective marketing.

But now, ConnectAI is here to help. We’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and infused it with a uniquely human touch, making it possible to reap the benefits of superb content without stress.

Break Free from Challenges
in Your Content Strategy

At its best, unique content will build your digital presence, boost traffic, boost sales, and lead your business to long-term, sustainable success. At its worst, it will be one of the most time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive obstacles your brand will face.

But with the advantage of automated content creation from ConnectAI, you can finally leverage the full power of content marketing for your digital strategy. Our best-in-class content automation software is engineered to produce excellent content across all topics, languages, and platforms, combining AI technology with human intelligence for optimal results.

ConnectAI’s automated content creation service isn’t just designed to solve the most significant issues presented by the traditional production process; it’s specifically crafted to turn those problems into strengths. Together, we will redefine content marketing possibilities for your brand and take your digital strategy to exciting new heights.

The Content Creation Challenge

Locating and hiring talented writers is expensive, and managing various off-site content creators can become a job in and of itself.

But if you try to make the switch to a seemingly budget-friendly content creation vendor - or worse, put your content in the wrong hands - your brand often ends up wasting time and money on poor-quality content that fails to measure up to your marketing efforts.

ConnectAI Solution to Content Creation

ConnectAI is a unique automation platform devised to connect your brand with content, eliminating the middleman and saving time and money in the process.

The result? You get the new content you need faster, all while cutting costs and reducing work on your end. With just a few clicks, you can activate the production process and rapidly receive the right content for your audience, delivered when and where you need it.

Results Can Take Time - Don’t Panic

When the goal is to structure your website and social media around well-crafted content, actually seeing the final results can take a long time. And when you consider the multiple steps of the production process - strategy and planning, production, publication, analysis, and optimization - it makes sense.

After all, quality takes time - but we came up with a better way.

Find Solutions to Your Content Strategy with ConnectAI

Because our automation tools are engineered with a focus on efficiency and quality, ConnectAI has mastered lightning-fast content production that makes no sacrifices. We create content significantly faster than you can in-house , as our software eradicates tedious manual processes and costly missed deadlines.

Master Marketing Automation with ConnectAI

From your blog to your social media, consumers are expecting to see relevant content that connects them to your brand, driving their interest and motivating them to become dedicated customers. Are you delivering?

ConnectAI will solve your content challenges and help you achieve the measurable results you want - with less cost and effort involved. Contact our team to request a demo of our game-changing content automation software today!

Are you a Small Business
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These are unprecedented times. In the US and across the world, we are facing a global threat like we have not seen in our lifetimes. If your business is experiencing severe hardship as a result of this pandemic, please contact us. We have made our subscriptions available to you for free. We have started an online community to help you connect with others to exchange advice, band together, and figure out how to drive business to each other online. We know we may not be able to stop this situation ourselves, but we can do our part to help you and your business survive in the best way we know how.

We were once a small business too and we also feel how scary and uncertain these times are. Do not give up. Do not give into fear. We will make it through this if we work together.

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